Our Services - Oil Services Ireland

Written Reports

Our services include detailed reports supported by images of the property, along with surrounding risks or hazards. Inspections can be carried out on an annual basis if required – we will set up a regular maintenance contract so that you don’t have to worry about it.

Insurance Inspection Services

Oil Services Ireland carry out new and existing site assessments on behalf of insurance companies for oil installation compliance Cleaning up oil spills is difficult and can be very expensive, we’re talking thousands of Euros! Dealing with a spill will cause you and maybe your neighbours a great deal of inconvenience.


Oil Services Ireland recognises that The Farming Industry is a vital sector to our economy. It is important that we comply with installation requirements in this industry, a simple oil spill can cause horrendous damage not only to the farm but also to the surrounding countryside.

Soil Testing

Oil Services Ireland will perform complete soil testing to determine whether there is contamination and its extent. Lab analysis report is presented with the results of the soil test performed.

House Purchase

Oil Services Ireland highly recommends that a tank survey is undertaken to determine if the tank is correctly supported and installed.

Our Services List

  • Full risk assessment for insurance companies
  • Advice on compliance with latest oil installation regulations
  • Advice on sizing and choosing the right tank and location
  • Assessment on farming applications including the best type of storage tank required
  • Advice on Bunded Storage Tanks
  • Site assessment for new builds
  • Site assessment for existing sites
  • Site assessment for house purchase
  • Advice on retro fitting existing sites
  • Maintenance contracts for yearly inspections
  • Soil Testing

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Our Services - Oil Services Ireland